Puma Cricket Equipment

Puma revolutionised the game of cricket with a new way of looking at product. The dynamic players of today demand ever higher levels of performance, modern designs, innovative thinking and new technology. This is a spirit Puma has embraced in its cricket range. Our competitors soon took notice and its clear to see where they get their ideas from. We take it as a compliment, but the need to innovate continues at pace.

Puma's cricket collection is 100% OVC free. This represents a huge leap forward in product development and our environmental responsibility. The benefits are great; products are of much higher quality and weight is significantly reduced. PVC has traditionally been used in the production of cricket equipment because of its low cost and high durability. Everything from bat labels to the facing of batting pads and gloves has historically used PVC in their construction. However, PVC is difficult to manufacture and hard to dispose of because of its high chlorine content. Many environmental groups also advise against its use in consumer goods because of its harmful impact on the environment.

Working closely with our global cricket suppliers, our Australian development team has been instrumental in this two year key initiative. We believe this has significantly improved the quality and performance of all Puma cricket equipment. Further proof that Puma is in tune with today's modern game.

Cricket is all about waiting: waiting all week for the game, waiting for your turn at the crease, waiting for the bowler to turn, waiting for the ball to leave his hand, waiting to time your shot to perfection. For 2012 Puma have focused all their energy on weight. With the game faster and more furious than ever, weight is everything - but there can be no compromise in performance. The lighter theproduct the less restrictive it will be when you're out in the middle. That brings confidence, reduces fatigue and allows you to concentrate fully on your game. It's now all about speed. Removing PVC from the Puma cricket range has made a huge impact on the weight of our protective equipment. Out bat maker has also been hard at work. Profiles have been updated with improved balance and pick-up the objective. Lightweight cricket bats with impressive profiles are critical in setting new levels of performance.

We know how long you've waited to change the game!

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