Hunts County Cricket Equipment

Yes, our bats do grow on trees! Salix Caerulea to be precise. Every year we produce and supply over twenty thousand cricket bats worldwide. The shape of the cricket bat has evolved over the years from the original `hockey stick` to the modern familiar shape. There is no weight limit for a bat, in the 18th century bats of over 5lb. were in use and in the 19th.century 4lb. was a common weight. A bat inscribed J.C.1729 is kept at The Oval and is the oldest surviving bat, unless you know of an older one!

County Bats were first made at St. Neots in Huntingdonshire by the Trimmins family in 1904. Production continued here until the factory moved to Huntingdon in 1983. The craftsmen from St. Neots are still making bats at Huntingdon which enables us to use the slogan 'bats made for centuries'. Our bats are still made in the traditional way in order to get the best possible bat from the selected materials. It is for this reason that County Bats are sought after all over the world and are available wherever cricket is played.

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