The Cricket Equipment Guide

This comprehensive guide to cricket equipment aims to help both players and non-players who are considering purchasing cricket equipment online make better informed decisions.

The site is armed with clear background information and technical analysis of cricket products on the market to enable you to better navigate brand terminology, improving decision making regarding your purchase, and allowing you to maintain your cricket equipment after your investment.

Given the amount of equipment required compared to many other sports, the multiple brands from which to choose, and significant advancements in technology, selecting the correct cricket equipment can often be complex and confusing. This guide aims to make that set of decisions easier for you by providing neutral, objective advice on the key aspects to consider when choosing cricket bats, cricket balls, cricket shoes, batting pads, batting gloves, and other important cricket equipment.

The guide does not seek to promote one brand over another, although the guide does at times highlight a broad list of longstanding and/or trusted cricket brands that are generally respected by players and retailers alike.